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Finding a National Voice

Are you a Republican or Democrat? I remember being asked this question when I was barely six. I donít know for sure, but I am guessing it must have been October or November because of the increased interest during the election season. Democrat was my answer even though I had no idea what it meant. No one did, but for some strange reason we defended our favorite party. We would get physically mad at each other, yelling and pushing for no apparent reason. One of the kids would yell, ďMy dadJFK and George McGorvern is Republican and he says they are the best.Ē Another kid would exclaim, ďBut my dad says that Republicans donít care about South Dakotans and your dad doesnít know anything!Ē The arguments would go on for days and end about two days after the election, with one of the sides victorious.

I now consider myself an old man with years of voting experience under my belt. I find it interesting that the tension still builds during the election season. What is interesting is that disagreements in party affiliation have evolved into disagreements in issues. There isnít pushing or shoving but there is definitely verbal disagreement, throwing of hands and slamming of doors. I guess we know where the kids get it.

I find it interesting that I still base my political view point on the people around me. Years ago my dadís influence determined my political views and party affiliation.

Today, my resources have not changed much. My dadís influence is vital, but his political views have been joined by my wifeís and kidsí. Politics is kind of like a large family unit in which you have disagreements and arguments. Fortunately, the system works if there is unity and resolution for the common good of everyone involved.

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