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Dakota Pathways #15: Finding a National Voice

Related sites:

Senator/Representative sites:

United States Congress search

Francis Case site Francis Case site
Francis Case site Tom Daschle
George McGovern Richard Pettigrew
Gideon Moody Robert Gamble
John Gamble John Pickler
James Kyle Thomas Sterling
Peter Norbeck William Williamson
John Gurney William Bulow
Ellis Berry Benjamin Reifel
James Abdnor James Abourezk
Edwin Johnson Royal Johnson
Tim Johnson William Janklow
Stephanie Herseth Gladys Pyle
Hubert Humphrey Benjamin Reifel
Karl Mundt George McGovern
Larry Pressler John Thune

About the House of Representatives and Senate:

U.S. Senate facts
US Senate
US House of Representatives
Number in Congress
South Dakota Senator Facts
Kids in the House site
SD Legislator list

Informative sites:

Postcards From Buster Flag Design Site
Washington D.C. site
Spanish American War
South Dakota facts
National Archives
U.S. Capital Building facts
Statue of Freedom
Architect of United States Capital Building
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
White House
Vietnam Memorial site
Gertrude Bonnin
Elsie Meeks
Elsie Meeks
Mary Pyle

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