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Teacher's Guide

South Dakota: Visits by the Presidents

A. Things To Do

1. Print out the guided notes and distribute to class.

2. Watch Dakota Pathways Episode #15 and have the students complete the guided notes.

3. Go online and complete the card matching “Activity” and “Challenge” quiz.

4. Student glossary included.

5. There is a list of related links that would be helpful for student research projects.

6. Print out the crossword puzzle and distribute to class.

7. Class Activity – Flag Design

8. Standards

1. Guided Notes

“Guided Notes - Teacher”  (PDF)
“Guided Notes - Student”  (PDF)

2. Online Episode of Dakota Pathways Episode #15

Watch it here.

3. Online games

a. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. The card matching game is found by clicking “Activity”.

b. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. The online quiz is found by clicking “Challenge”.

4. Glossary

a. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. We have included a student glossary.

5. Links

a. We have included an extensive list of related sites. We preview each related site looking for adult content. Unfortunately, we cannot find all of the inappropriate material on an individual site. Please call us Toll Free at 1-800-456-0766 if you find any questionable content and we will remove it. Thank you.

6. Crossword Puzzle

a. The students may use the vocabulary words and definitions for the crossword puzzle if they need help.

Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

Crossword Answers  (PDF)

7. Class Activity – Flag Design

I am a product of a consolidated school. Unfortunately, the consolidation took place while I was in school. It was a horrible process with many upset families and school officials. Many families chose to drive two or three times the distance to take their children to another school.

One of the most challenging responsibilities was the selection of a new school color and logo. Neither school wanted to forgo their original school color and logo. There were numerous meetings until a final vote was reached. Now, a generation later no one cares. The chosen color scheme and mascot has become the norm. Although, I still have my original book bag which is orange and black; a far cry from blue and red.

Change is good especially when you are part of the change. Fortunately, South Dakotan’s had the opportunity to be part of the selection process for the new South Dakota state quarter being released in 2006. I think it would have been cool to be part of the original design process for the South Dakota State flag and the United States flag. Now your students can be. The following activity will encourage students to learn more about the South Dakota State flag and United States flag.

The students need to make 4 separate flags. They will recreate the original State and Nation flags. They should also include 5-10 interesting facts about each flag. The students will also make a new State flag and National flag using their own design. They must support their new design with 5-10 facts.


Internet/Library access

Poster board



Note: Times are estimated – could be assigned as a homework project.


Day 1 :( 50 min – depends on class size)

Assign the project

- The students must recreate (draw) the original South Dakota state flag and United States flag. They must also research the symbolism of each and other interesting facts.

Allow time in library / computer lab for research

Day 2: (50 minutes – depends on class size)

Continue research

Allow time to start design of drawings.

Homework: (week)
Finish the 4 flags

Day 3: (50 minutes – depends on class size)
Students should present their new designs to the rest of the class.

http://pbskids.org/buster/games/flag/index.html - Postcards From Buster Flag Design Site



3. trace the history of South Dakota with emphasis on notable South Dakotans such as Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, John B. S. Todd, Fred T. Evans, Laura Ingalls Wilder, James Scotty Philip, Niels E. Hansen, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) Bonin, Peter Norbeck, and Francis Case; impact of the gold rush; controversy over statehood; and Indian Wars and reservation life.



1. analyze the actions and rights of a responsible citizen, such as obey rules (classroom, family, community), the use of conflict resolution and compromise, voting rights, property rights, civil rights, and human rights.

2. compare the changing roles and cultures of the individuals role according to gender, age, and occupation in various groups, such as family, community, and social class structure.
4. identify the South Dakota state flag, song, flower, bird, and nickname.
5. identify examples from South Dakota history of conflicts over rights, how the conflicts were resolved, the important people who helped resolve them, and conflicts that remain unresolved.


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