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Vocabulary: Mining Booms and Busts

Drifts: (Noun) The tunnels that miners blasted

Mine: (Verb) To get (as ore) from the earth

Mucking: (Verb) The hard work of loading the rock after it had been blasted

Pavers: (Noun) Pieces of quartzite cut smooth and narrow and fit together to create a smooth surface for city streets

Quarry: (Noun) A mine that is open to the sky, without underground tunnels

: (Noun) Super hard, pink stone, used in the construction of buildings and streets in the late 1800s

Shafts: (Noun) Passages that went up and down, in mines, if they went clear to the surface

Stope: (Noun) The place where the rock was blasted and loaded
Uranium: (Noun) Used to fuel nuclear power plants responsible for producing electricity, in the 1950s

Winzes: (Noun) Passages that went up and down, in mines, that did NOT go to the surface

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