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Images of the Past: Wind Speed Study - For a Lifetime During this activity your students will participate in a hands-on qualitative wind speed study. The students will use common household items to complete the study. Your student will develop observation skills that they will take with them forever.

Images of the Past: Observation Skills and Directions During this lesson your students will complete one or more tasks in which they will enhance their observation skills and ability to follow directions. They will also learn about Custer’s Historical Stagecoach lines which provided daily accommodations for travelers from rail-heads at Sidney, Nebraska and Cheyenne, Wyoming. These are perfect activities for an afterschool group, club, elementary class or for home use.

Images of the Past: Terminal Velocity - Coffee Filter During this activity your students will use coffee filters to investigate air resistance, friction and terminal velocity. Your students will design and conduct an experiment in which they will drop coffee filters to see how an increase in weight affects the rate at which the filters drop.


Fourth Grade History Standards

3. trace history of South Dakota with emphasis of notable South Dakota . . .
4. Analyze issues of concern in South Dakota, including water issues; farming and ranching issues; Indian and non-Indian relationships; and urban/rural population.

Fourth Grade Economics Standards

3. Summarize the factors that affect economic systems, including family finance, drought, and tourism.

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