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Images of the Past: The Senses - Smell, Touch, Hearing and More! During this activity your students will participate in a hands-on activity in which they will explore their senses, including touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. Your students will also learn about spelunking and Wind Cave in the Black Hills and its formation. The goal of the activity is to help the students understand that their senses work together and that they are influenced by prior experiences.

Skiing at Terry Peak: Incline - Safety First (Engineering) During this activity your students will construct, test and modify a shuttle that will safety transport passengers (3 eggs) down a slope.

Activity: Foundation is Everything - During this activity your students will build a tower using 18 fl. oz. disposable cups; they will learn that a solid foundation and a balanced system are essential when designing a building or machine. The students will build a tower that will be used in the catapult (dodgeball) competition.

A. Things To Do

1. Print out the guided notes and distribute to class.

2. Watch Dakota Pathways Episode #14 and have the students complete the guided notes.

3. Go online and complete the "Activity" (word search) and “Challenge” quiz.

4. Student glossary included.
5. There is a list of related links that would be helpful for student research projects.

6. Print out the crossword puzzle and distribute to class.

7. Class Activity – Game Day

8. Standards

1. Guided Notes

“Guided Notes”
“Guided Notes” Key

2. Online Episode of Dakota Pathways Episode #14

3. Online games

a. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. The word search is found by clicking “Activity”. (Answer key for word search.)

b. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. The online quiz is found by clicking “Challenge”.

4. Glossary

a. Have the students access the main page of Dakota Pathways. We have included a student glossary.

5. Links

a. We have included an extensive list of related sites. We preview each related site looking for adult content. Unfortunately, we cannot find all of the inappropriate material on an individual site. Please call us Toll Free at 1-800-456-0766 if you find any questionable content and we will remove it. Thank you.

6. Crossword Puzzle

a. The students may use the vocabulary words and definitions for the crossword puzzle if they need help.

Puzzle - Key

7. Class Activity – Game Day


Internet and library access

Computer (type report)

Game materials – depends on game/sport chosen

Demonstration materials – depends on game/sport chosen


The students will research unusual sports and games to find out information about different cultures. The games and sports families and friends play can tell you a lot about their relationships. Games and sports unite families and friends through competition and entertainment.
My dad, my brother and I used to play kickball everyday in the summer. Neighborhood kids would join in and the fun would last for hours. The rules were simple. The pitcher rolled the ball and the batter kicked the ball. If it cleared the road it was a homerun, if not you ran to the next base as fast as you could or you would be pummeled by the ball.

We played so much that there was a dirt path between bases which were a cedar tree, an old stump, a mulberry bush and a TV antenna. The simple game of kickball seemed to unite my brother and me forever. I will never forget the fun we had.

Day one: (one class period)

Introduce an unusual game like Quoits. Use the website below to explain the game to the students and a little about its origin. The students should use the internet and the library to research a possible game they would like to research. Encourage student to research the culture of the sport/game they choose as well as the history and rules of play.


Day two: (one class period ?)

Additional time for research optional.

Two to Three weeks later: (One class period)

The students should present a short description of the game they have chosen. The use of pictures and demonstrations would be great. The class should pick 2 -3 of the games to try. The activity will be fun and the students will gain an understanding of different sports/games and cultures.


3. trace the history of South Dakota with emphasis on notable South Dakotans such as Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, John B. S. Todd, Fred T. Evans, Laura Ingalls Wilder, James Scotty Philip, Niels E. Hansen, Gertrude (Zitkala-Sa) Bonin, Peter Norbeck, and Francis Case; impact of the gold rush; controversy over statehood; and Indian Wars and reservation life.

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