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History and Legend

There are many different ways that history is passed on from generation to generation. In todayís world, people learn about history by reading books, watching television, or reading material from the Internet. But these werenít always the way that people learned history.Wild Bill

How do you think people learned history in ancient times? Did they know about their history? If they did, how did they learn about it? A major way that history was passed down from generation to generation was through stories. Young children would learn about the history of their cultures by listening to stories from their elders.

Now, this seems like a good way to learn about history, right? There was one problem. The stories werenít always the same. A lot of times the information changed from story to story. And a lot of times, the stories became larger than life. Sometimes people or things in these stories were able to do extraordinary things that were sometimes hard for people to believe. These stories are called myths and legends.
Have you ever heard a myth that you had a hard time believing was true? If so, you arenít the only one. Myths have confused, and entertained, people for thousands of years. In this episode, you will learn about some myths that took place right here in South Dakota.

Which ones will you believe?


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