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Water and Dust

Who, or what, am I? I have been here for many years, mostly in South Dakota. From where I am, I have seen so much happen to the lands throughout the years. I can see all of the mighty rivers in South Dakota, and I have seen how they have helped this state develop.

I have seen holes in the ground that shoot water toward me, as if they were trying to stand by my side. I have cried many tears for South Dakota, but have also held back tears for long periods of time. During these stubborn times, there are others that try to be like me, but they do not serve the same purpose as I, so therefore do not resemble me. In the past there have been people who try to get my attention with dynamite, and even explosives, but I mostly just ignored them.

Sometimes, however, I would laugh so hard at them, that happy tears would fall. Itís amazing what people will do to get your attention. I have seen times when my actions, or lack there of, have caused suffering to the people of South Dakota, and for that I am sorry.

I am high and mighty and cannot be touched by a human hand.

Who, or what, am I?

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