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Images of the Past: I-Spy - That’s Not My Habitat During this activity your students will participate in a hands-on observation/habitat challenge. You will notice an increase in the development of your students' observation skills. Also, this is a great activity that encourages students to take a closer look at the habitats around them.

Interactive South Dakota Map Features historical and modern photos of South Dakota courthouses.

Map of South Dakota Counties (PDF)

Blank SD Map (PDF)

US Map outline (PDF)



Fourth Grade History Standards

1.   Examine various regions of the United States in order to focus on how the following affected development of South Dakota, including site selection of settlements, opportunities available, natural resources, and population influences.

4.    Analyze issues of concern in South Dakota, including water issues; farming and ranching issues; Indian and Non-Indian relationships; and urban/rural population changes.

Fourth Grade Geography Standards

1.   Differentiate between state and national boundaries.

2.   Define regions as categorized by geographic location.

3.    Use appropriate maps for a specific purpose, including elevation, land use-resource, road maps and mileage tables, time zones, and migration/movement patterns.

4.    Recognize that longitude and latitude constitute a map grid used in absolute locations

5.    Locate major South Dakota geographical features, such as the Missouri River; Black Hills and Badlands; and the capital (Pierre) and the following cities: Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Huron, and Yankton.

6.    Evaluation the impact geography has on the inhabitants of South Dakota such as location of cities, transportation, industries, agricultural products, and culture.

Full Script (PDF)

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