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Images of the Past: Capacity (volume) - Gallon, Quart and More Try this activity; your students will love it! This is the perfect hands-on activity that could be used to introduce a unit on volume or provide an entertaining and educational capstone activity. Your students will participate in a hands-on activity in which they will practice using customary units of measure for capacity (volume), including gallons, quarts, cups, liters and more. Your students will also learn about the dams on the Missouri River, including the Oahe Dam which has the 4th largest reservoir in the United States.


Third grade history

3.     analyze the obstacles and successes of the early settlers in creating communities, including landforms, resources, and waterways.

Third grade economics

1.         explain scarcity by citing examples of limited supplies and scarce resources.

Fourth grade history

4.         analyze issues of concern in South Dakota, including water issues; farming and ranching issues; Indian and non-Indian relationships; and urban/rural population changes.

Fourth grade geography

5.         locate major South Dakota geographical features, such as the Missouri River; the Black Hills and Badlands; and the capital and the following cities: Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Huron, and Yankton.

6.         evaluate the impact geography has on the inhabitants of South Dakota such as location of cities, transportation, industries, agricultural products, and culture.

Fourth grade economics

3.     summarize the factors that affect economic systems, including family finance, drought, and tourism.

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