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1743 Lead Plate: Explorers from France bury a lead plate along the Missouri River (Fort Pierre). The expedition was lead by the Louis and Chevalier La Verendrye.

1803 Louisiana Purchase: Present day South Dakota is purchased from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

1804 1806 Lewis and Clark expedition

1823 Arikara Indians: Twelve whites killed in South Dakota by Arikara Indians.

1825 Treaties: Some of the first treaties are drawn up between Indians and whites in Dakota Territory

1858 Settelement: Large sections of east river were given to the U.S. for settlement.

1861 Dakota Territory is formed

(1863 1865) US Army Forts: Conflicts between Indians and whites resulted in the formation of U.S. Army Forts in South Dakota

1868 Fort Laramie Treaty (Black Hills given to Indians)

1874 Black Hills Gold: Gold found in South Dakota (Rush)

1876 Native American Land: Whites continue to enter Native American land. Indians fight for their land (Battle of Little Big Horn, Montana)

1877 Black Hills: U.S. takes the Black Hills from the Native Americans the gold rush continues

1889 Great Sioux Reservation

1890 Wounded Knee Massacre

1904 Rosebud Reservation

1919 Honorable Discharge

1924 - Citizenship

1947 Crazy Horse Memorial

1973 Siege at Wounded Knee

1990 Native American Day


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