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South Dakota: A Great Place to Write

Why do so many people care about stories, and remember and treasure them all their lives? And what is it about South Dakota’s people, animals, and land that makes for good stories? Jean Patrick has thought about those questions. She’s a modern-day author, living near Mitchell, who writes for young readers. Jean comments, "People in larger cities or on the coast, who are not faAuthor Jean Patrick wrote this book!miliar with this way of life, see this kind of life as being almost exotic, and I think that is something that we as South Dakotans need to remember. What may seem like typical life to us out here on the plains actually is extremely unique."

Jean also adds that there is a bright future for South Dakota authors. "What I have found is because I write from a location that not a lot of writers are from, I actually can present myself as being more unique when I submit manuscripts to the bigger publishing houses. Because I do have unusual insights and unique experiences and many times publishers are looking for the unique stories. I feel being from South Dakota, there are so many things that can be written about."

Jean encourages young writers to follow their dreams. "What I do encourage young people to do, is if they feel a calling to do something or if they have a strong dream…take those first steps and do everything they can to answer the call of those dreams."

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