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Links / Source information for online activities:

We have included an extensive list of related sites. We preview each related site looking for adult content. Unfortunately, we cannot find all of the inappropriate material on an individual site. We include links we feel may be of use in the education setting. Each site has individual rights and disclaimers you must be aware of. Please call us Toll Free at 1-800-456-0766 if you find any questionable content and we will remove it. If we have unintentionally linked to your site and we are not allowed to please contact us at 1-800-456-0766 and we will remove the link. Thank you.

Military Sites:
 - Ellsworth Air Force Base
 - US Air Force
 - US Army
 - US Marines
 - US Coast Guard
 - US Navy

War / Home Front / War Posters:
SDPB Local Heroes Page
- Rosie the Riveter: WWII Home Front
- Rosie the Riveter
- National Archives
WWII lesson plans
- WWI site
- Vietnam War site
Library of Congress worker photos
- Library of Congress jigsaw puzzles
- Prison of war camps in South Dakota

-Dakota Pathways: A History script

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