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Playing To Win

So far the match has been exhilarating and exhausting. My brother has 5 players left on his team and I have 7 left on my team. One by one we have eliminated each others players during this grueling contest.

I see an opening, so I send one of my players forward. My brother fires back by ordering one of his players back. It was a daring and risky move. Itís my turn now Ė his player made a costly move. I am able to eliminate two of my brotherís teammates by sending one of my players diagonally across the playing field.

Itís hot in here, sweat drips off of my brotherís face as he assesses the damage. His muscles tighten as the veins become visible in his neck. Our eyes meet, he smiles, but I can tell he is nervous. I feel very confident that the contest will end soon and I will be victorious.

Then I notice his tension seems to reside, his face begins to glow as he makes his next move. The unthinkable has happened. He begins to jump my checkers one by one, to the left and to the right until all of my checkers are gone. Kevin wins and the game is over.

Sports and games come in many forms. Some require extreme feats of strength, while others require large amounts of metal power. But, they all must be enjoyable and unforgettable. We should all play to have fun and to connect with family and friends.

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