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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the symbols mean in latitude and longitude coordinates?

44°22'5" N, 100°20'11" W is a typical latitude and longitude coordinate. The coordinate above is the location of Pierre, South Dakota. Below you will find the break-down of the symbols above.

Symbol Meaning of symbol
° (degree) approximately 69 miles on earth (111 kilometers)
' (minute) approximately 1.15 miles on earth (1.85 kilometers)
" (seconds) approximately 101 feet on earth (30 meters)
N North of the equator
W West of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich, England)

Pierre is located 44 degrees, 22 minutes and 5 seconds north of the equator. Pierre is also located 100 degrees, 20 minutes and 11 seconds west of the Prime Meridian.

The distance to Pierre can be calculated using the information above. The approximate distance to Pierre is 3061.4 miles north of the equator and 6923.2 miles west of the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England.

How much did the land cost per acre to purchases the Louisiana Territory? How does that compare to today’s South Dakota land prices?

Approximately 529,911,680 acres of land was purchased in 1803 from France. The price per acre was estimated at 2.8 cents. Below you will find 2002 values for land in South Dakota.

Type Price/acre
All (non-irrigated) $410
Crop (non-irrigated) $687
Range $215
Pasture $389
Hay land $397
Irrigated land $916

You could say that Thomas Jefferson received a good price for the land purchased by the United States.

Why was The USS Constitution called Old Iron Side?

The nickname started when The USS Constitution was used in battle during the War of 1812. The wooden hull of the ship was 25 inches thick. The wood used was oak, a strong hardwood. The 18-pound British cannonballs were not large enough to penetrate the hull. The cannonballs bounced off the side as though it was made of iron.

How many miles of roads must be mapped in South Dakota?

There are 83,358 miles of roads, streets and highways in South Dakota. South Dakota also has 4140 bridges located across the state.

Where is the current location of the 1743 metal plate found near the Missouri River in 1913?

The plate was found buried in a bluff overlooking Fort Pierre. Today the historical landmark is called Verendrye Monument. The unearthed plate is now located in the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

How much did it cost to purchase Louisiana in 1803?

The total price for the purchase was $15,000,000. $11,250,000 was paid to France and the other 3,750,000 was paid to US residents for claims against France.

How many South Dakota Public Broadcasting Stations are there?

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is
South Dakota's statewide public broadcasting network. SDPB is vital community resource producing and broadcasting high-quality, commercial-free programs and valuable community outreach projects that educate, enlighten and entertain.


Call Sign Frequency City of License Transmitter Site Air Date
KUSD-FM 89.7 mHz Vermillion near Beresford October 1967
KESD-FM 88.3 mHz Brookings  near Hetland July 1967
KBHE-FM 89.3 mHz Rapid City Rapid City March 1984
KTSD-FM 91.1 mHz Reliance near Reliance February 1984
KDSD-FM  90.9 mHz Pierpont near Pierpont April 1984
KQSD-FM 91.9 mHz Lowry near Lowry June 1988
KPSD-FM 97.1 mHz Faith near Faith June 1989
KZSD-FM 102.5 mHz Martin near Long Valley July 1991
KCSD-FM 90.9 mHz Sioux Falls Sioux Falls July 1985


TV - Full Power Transmitters   

Aberdeen KDSD-TV Channel 16 DTV - 17
Brookings - Hetland KESD-TV Channel   8 DTV - 18
Faith - Eagle Butte KPSD-TV Channel 13 DTV - 25
Lowry KQSD-TV Channel 11 DTV - 15
Martin- Long Valley KZSD-TV  Channel   8 DTV - 23
Pierre - Reliance KTSD-TV  Channel 10 DTV - 21
Rapid City KBHE-TV Channel   9 DTV - 26
Sioux Falls KCSD-TV Channel 23 DTV - 24
Vermillion - Beresford KUSD-TV  Channel   2 DTV - 34

Low Power Translators

Aberdeen Channel 7
Belle Fourche Channel 19
Edgemont Channel 64
Mitchell Channel 9
Pringle Channel 55
Pine Ridge Channel 6
Spearfish Channel 4
Wagner Channel 55
Wasta Channel 13

Follow this link to cable Television Channel Assignments

How many episodes of Dakota Pathways will be produced?

SDPB TV is planning on producing (20) fourteen-minute episodes.

How long can I legally use a Dakota Pathway show after I have taped it?

All of the Dakota Pathways episodes are produced by SDPB. You have unlimited educational rights to use these programs. So enjoy them for years. Note: Some of the shows we air are not produced by SDPB and only have rights for a year. Please email EdServices@sdpb.org  if you have questions about other shows.

When are the Dakota Pathways shows aired on SDPB?

Throughout the school year Dakota Pathways will air on Mondays and Fridays from 2:15pm – 2:30pm CT. Also, we air Dakota Pathways during the overnight schedule. The overnight schedule can be accessed on the Internet at http://www.sdpb.org/ , in our monthly SDPB Magazine, or in our weekly education newsletter. You can receive the SDPB Magazine by calling our Friends Office at (1-800-333-0789). If you are interested in receiving our weekly newsletter contact our office at EdServices@sdpb.org .

What age group is Dakota Pathways designed for?

Originally, the show was designed for South Dakota 4th graders; although, Dakota Pathways is enjoyed by people of all ages

What are the topics of upcoming Dakota Pathway shows?

Program Number






Rails and Other Roads

Transportation and movement



Stories from the Skies

Myths, stories, famous flyers



The Mighty ‘Mo

The Missouri River influence



East River, West River

Farmers and Ranchers and such



The First Hunters and Farmers

Early Indian life



Mining Booms and Busts

Mining in SD



Water and Dust

The droughts and floods of SD



History and Legend

Wild Bill and other tales



People of the Bison

Lakota, Dakota and Nakota peoples



Headlines and Bulletins

Newspapers, radio and television



Blackboards and Computers

Education history in SD



Maps and Borders

Changing borders in the state



Big Towns and Little Towns

Sioux Falls, Rapid City and others



Playing Games

Sports history of SD



Finding a National Voice

Famous politicians and such



On Vacation

Tourism in South Dakota


13:15 Est

The Home Front

At home during WWI & WWII etc


13:56 Est

Real Cowboys

Ranching history of SD


14:00 Est

Telling Stories

SD authors of fiction & non-fiction


14:00 Est

A Dark Day

Wounded Knee as history

Feel free to contact EdServices@sdpb.org  if you have additional questions about any of our shows.

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