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Producer: James P. Sprecher
Director: Kyle Mork
Narrator: Matt Weesner
Writers: Paul Higbee
Julia Monczunski
Eugene Anderson
Margie Parks
Lyle Parks
Sergey Nedelsky
Kathy Cordeuk-Winham

Research Assistant: Karen Laumer
Associate Producers:
Rina Bellew
Kevin Patten
Stephanie Rissler
Chad Andersen
Melissa Hamersma
Rex Kinnear
Bryan Middleton
Editor/Animation Graphics: Bryan Middleton
Production Secretary: Kim Kelly
Graphics: Carol Robertson
Amanda Schieffer

SDPB Educational Services
Sherrill Blumer
Wess Pravecek
Bret Swanson

SDPB On Line Services
Larry Rohrer
Kent Osborne

Advisory Panel
Kathy Hood
Nancy Koupal
Larry Mendoza
Sheryl Muckey
Karon Schaack
Bret Swanson


“What’s Wronge With My Friend”
from The Flash of the Mirror by Kevin Locke
© 1994 Kevin Locke
Courtesy of Makoche Recording Co.

“Young Wolves”
from Cheyenne Nation by Joseph Fire Crow
© 2000 Makoche Music/BMI
Courtesy of Makoche Recording Co.

“I’m Going Home” (Traditional)
from The Third Circle performed by Sissy Goodhouse
© 1994 Makoche Music/BMI
Courtesy of Makoche Recording Co.

“Ohiya Olowan Wan”
from Spirit of Song by the Ikceya Wicasa Singers
© 1991 Makoche Music/BMI
Courtesy of Makoche Recording Co.

All additional Music by DeWolfe


Excerpts from “The Archeodome Experience”
Provided by the Archeology Laboratory
Augustana College Sioux Falls, SD
Produced by Dr. L. Adrien Hannus & Kevin Kjergaard

Boehnen Memorial Museum, Mitchell SD

Custer State Park

Library of Congress
Prints and Photographic Division

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

Mammoth Hunter Drawings
by Rebecca Johnson

National Archives and Records Administration
Prints & Photographic Division

Northwestern University Library
Edward S. Curtis’s “The North American Indian”
The Photographic Images 2001

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development

South Dakota State Archeological
Research Center

South Dakota State Historical Society

Thomsen Center Archeodome, Mitchell, SD

Special Thanks

Cecil Alt
Brenda Bamberg
Deborah Doescher
Michael Fosha
Dr. L. Adrien Hannus
Dave and Marjie Junek
Jennifer Littlefield
Joe Muller
Laurinda Van Roekel
Chad and Michelle Rotenberger
Jay D. Vogt

Students of Corsica School System
Corsica, SD

Black Hills Special Services Cooperative

Production Manager: Brad Van Osdel
Executive Producer: James P. Sprecher
Director of Television: Bob Bosse

This program was funded through a grant
from the South Dakota Department of Education.

© 2004
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

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