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Images of the Past: Texting How Far? The Dangers of Texting While Driving - During this lab your students will participate in a hands-on activity in which they will convert miles/hour to ft/sec. They will calculate the speed of an object. Then, they will calculate how far an object travels in a specific time based on a given rate. Next, they will test how long it takes to send and read a text message. The times obtained will be used to calculate how far a car travels at different rates during a text message. Finally, they will learn about Thomas L. Fawick of Sioux Falls, SD who built the Fawick Flyer, which was the first four-door automobile ever manufactured in the U.S.

Images of the Past: Transportation, Resources & Growth During this activity your students will learn about the Glendoris (Latchstring) Inn, located in Spearfish Canyon. They will learn how the Inn changed over time, how available resources changed it and also how the transportation in and out of Spearfish Canyon changed.

Activity Ideas (PDF)


Fourth Grade
1. Examine various regions of the United States in order to focus on how the following affected development of South Dakota, including site selection of settlements (geographical location—where and why), opportunities available, natural resources, and populations influences.
2. Explain the impact of people and geographic location on the growth and expansion of South Dakota, emphasizing Mandan, Arikara, Sioux, and other historic tribes; explorers and traders; railroad expansion and town building; homesteaders and gold miners; and rainfall, prairie, Great Plains, Black Hills, and the Missouri River system.
4. Analyze issues of concern in South Dakota, including water issues; farming and ranching issues;
Indian and Non-Indian relationships; and urban/rural population changes.

5. Locate major South Dakota geographical features, such as the Missouri River; Black Hills and
Badlands; and the capital (Pierre) and the following cities: Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Huron, and Yankton.
6. Evaluate the impact of geography has on the inhabitants of South Dakota such as location of
cities, transportation, industries, agricultural products, and culture.

Full Script (PDF)

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